Breathe Easier in Your Macon, GA House

Discover why GingAIR is a go-to air quality company

From installing a security system to locking the doors, you do everything you can to keep your family protected inside your home. But what if your house itself is causing your loved ones harm?

If you think that your house harbors mold or asbestos, turn to Mark Reynolds from GingAIR Quality Testing & Solutions. He'll use proven air quality testing methods to look for traces of harmful substances in your house such as mold or toxins. After the air quality assessment, you can rest easy knowing that your home is a safe living environment.

Want to know why GingAIR is a preferred air quality company in the Macon, GA area? Visit the Testimonials page now to see for yourself what Mark's satisfied clients are saying about his work.Or contact GingAIR at (478) 714-3345 and schedule a mold testing or air quality assessment today!

Safe Air is Our Mission

GingAIR Quality Testing & Solutions is your local reputable air quality company in Macon, Georgia and surrounding areas. Mark Reynolds goes the extra mile to meet his clients' air quality needs.

GingAir is the #1 air quality company your are looking for because:

  • Air quality assessments and inspection throughout the state of Georgia
  • Extensive asbestos and mold knowledge
  • Professional service with quality performance
  • Is licensed and certified to perform mold and asbestos testing and inspections

Contact GingAIR at (478) 714-3345 and schedule your asbestos and mold inspection today!