Mold Inspections
and Assessments

Is Mold Growing in Your Macon or Warner Robins, GA area House?

Find out by scheduling a mold assessment

You can never be too cautious if you think that mold is growing in your home. As soon as you notice any signs of mold, call on Mark Reynolds from GingAIR Quality Testing & Solutions for a mold inspection. Mark will inspect every part of your house to look for traces of mold. If he finds it, he can refer you to a qualified mold remediation company.

Call (478) 714-3345 to arrange for your mold testing and assessment in Macon & Warner Robins, GA or surrounding areas.

Don't ignore these 5 warning signs of mold

You know that toxic black mold can cause a range of adverse health effects, to include difficulty breathing. But how can you tell if mold is growing in your house?

Mark Reynolds from GingAIR Quality Testing & Solutions recommends scheduling a mold assessment if:

You frequently cough, sneeze or wheeze inside your home

You've had a water leak

You smell a musty odor

Your house is humid

You're suffering from headaches, memory loss and dizziness

Still not sure if your house is home to mold? Contact us today to discuss your concerns with a mold inspector in Macon & Warner Robins, GA.